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If you're looking for a book to make you think about your coaching rather than just something that presents you with a bunch of drills and systems, then look no further than Thinking Volleyball.

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A year volleyball veteran, the recently retired author offers his latest book as something he sees as at least attempting to fill the gap he perceives in the coaching literature when it comes to learning how to think about volleyball and coaching. I read both of his earlier books, Mike Herbert: The Fir If you're looking for a book to make you think about your coaching rather than just something that presents you with a bunch of drills and systems, then look no further than Thinking Volleyball.

I therefore much anticipated the release of this new title when I heard of it, and can't say I'm disappointed. The broad theme of the book is being ready, willing, and able to think beyond the conventional. That's not as simple as being OK with taking risks in how you do things, though obviously that's a requirement Hebert considers himself something of a coaching maverick. It first and foremost requires actually understanding what that conventional wisdom is, why it's conventional, and its strengths and weaknesses.

There are 10 chapters. One each is dedicated to offensive and defensive philosophy. The other eight, in various ways, look at different aspects of coaching - things like running a program, developing a style of play, gym culture, team trust, and match coaching. Personal anecdotes are a common feature of Hebert's writing, and he's got loads of material from which to work.

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They come from his own playing days and all the major programs he's coached. My one little criticism is that the stories are strongly biased toward the positive and maybe a few failures could have been mixed in for balance. Let's face it. Not everything works as intended and we coaches often find ourselves having to figure out how to recover when that's the case. Chances are, at least one chapter in Thinking Volleyball will cause you to think critically about what you're doing as a volleyball coach.

Hebert has applied his considerable experience and insight into a discussion of just about every aspect of coaching volleyball you could think of, and from all kinds of angles most of us will never have the opportunity to explore personally. From that perspective, I'd recommend it for coaches at all levels and careers stages. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Mike Hebert. Mike Hebert.

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Short Description Thinking Volleyball goes beyond the Xs and Os and skill instruction by offering in-match strategy and insights from legendary coach Mike Hebert. Request Exam Copy View Ancillaries.