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The boys track down an unusually undead suspect in this Hardy Boys Secret Files mystery. Bayport is buzzing with excitement when a film crew sets up shop to film the latest zombie flick.

Franklin W. Dixon

Frank, Joe, and their friends are really psyched that there A thrilling amusement park ride turns diabolically deadly in this Hardy Brothers adventure -- a fresh approach to a classic series. A robot robbery suggests science fair foul play in this Hardy Boys Secret Files mystery. With their spiffy homemade ro In this second book of a fresh approach to a classic series, Frank and Joe track down violent pranksters. Rich girl Lindsay Peyton is throwing the biggest and best Sweet Sixteen bash that Bayport has ever seen. But her party planning is off to a b The Hardy brothers must dismantle a dangerous crime gang in this first book of a fresh approach to a classic series.

But there is a new mystery in Bayport that n Frank and Joe's latest case involves the dangerous underside of social networking. A football friend from a nearby school contacts the Hardys when a team member goes missing! One minute he was at a massive beach party that everyone from school was in Frank and Joe are excited to learn that Thrill Kingdom, their local amusement park, is having a contest for kids to design a brand-new r Frank and Joe bring their detective skills to the athletic arena in this all-new Hardy Boys Secret Files mystery! It's time for Field Day at Bayport Elementary and all the kids are excited!

Whatever grade wins gets a pizza party, and the person wi Frank and Joe Hardy have been posing as extras on the set of the upcoming teen movie, Deathstalker. The star, an ingenue named Anya, has already had her trailer burn down, and the Undercover Brothers had their work cut out for them keeping her safe a Not only is he totally annoying, he claims that he can make anything--or anyone--disappear.

Though Max wins over a bunch Frank and Joe Hardy have been posing as extras on the set of the upcoming teen movie Deathstalker.

See a Problem?

The star, an ingenue named Anya, has already had her trailer burn down, and now someone keeps sending her threatening texts! While the Undercover Brot Midway through the race, Frank runs over a nail and blows a tire. It seems as if the day couldn't get worse--until Frank's bicycle goes missing!

Frank and Joe Hardy are assigned to pose as extras on the set of the an upcoming teen movie, Deathstalker. The star, an ingenue named Anya, believes that someone is out to get her--and she's got proof. Someone tried to burn down her trailer! The Unde When the actor who plays popular comic character Morpho the Morph Monster comes to town for a fan day--along with his famous Morpho Mask and Morph Spork--everyone, including Frank and Joe, is excited to meet the man behind the mask. But at the event, The third book of the Blair-witch-like abduction trilogy.

Frank has been discovered at long last and may posess key answers to questions that will solve the mystery of the LOST abductions once and for all. Frank has gone missing in the woods and it's up to Joe to stop his brother from becoming one of the Lost Frank and his brother, Joe, have got the school talent show in the bag with their sword fight.

They and their classmates have been working on their talents for weeks, and they can't wait to be onstage s On their way back from a dodgeball game in the park, the brothers find what at first appears to be an ordinary piece of trash. But on further inspection, the "trash" looks The boys go on a chilling mission -- camping in the woods where children have suddenly begun to disappear. Every time a child disappears, the word "LOST" has appeared outside their tent…and they are never heard from again. Frank and his brother, Joe, are excited!

It's the final game in the Little League season, and their team, the Bayport Bandits, has a real shot at winning. Sure, the other team is good -- but they don't have the Ba Frank and Joe are brothers, but that won't stop them from competing against each other at the Fun World arcade's video game tournament. The boys make a bet: Whoever wins the competition The detective duo learns that the headmaster of the Willis Firth Academy is in peril along with his daughter--and the Hardys, too. Can the boys wrap up their mission before someone loses a life?

In Private Killer, Frank and Joe continue their undercover investigation of Gamma Theta Theta, a mysterious-turned-dangerous fraternity at an all-boys New England boarding school. Frank and Joe Hardy have been sent on a mission to live on the edge! A new theme park, Galaxy X, is about to open. But someone out there obviously wants Galaxy X to go away.

The park owner has received threatening e-mails, and accidents are becoming And to find out what, if anything, Justin is hiding. While teen superstar Justin Carraway shoots his latest movie in Bayport, Frank and Joe attempt to discover the identity of the stalker who is sending the actor threatening letters before anyone gets hurt These fanatics may resort to drastic measures to protect nearby wetlands.

That is, i A man has been murdered, possibly over a map to a precious golden mummy. Could there be a curse surrounding the ancient mummy John, has gone missing -- and we are sending you to locate him.

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But they also have a bomb threat. They'd be a cinch to catch, but the thing is, the police are One student was beaten; the other simply collapsed on the floor of You must stop her killer before her killer stops her. Vee, any Start close to home. Find and detain the culprit before any damage is done. Potential danger on the ground and in the air.

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Thousands of spectators. Frank and Joe get revved up to race for their lives! The Hardy boys and their friend Jamal are thrilled to be participating in a motorcycle exhibition. It's going to be an exciting weekend, with many talented cyclists heating up the competition and Frank, Joe, and their friends head to Philadelphia to catch a performance of Aerocirque, an amazing circus act with a twist -- the acrobats swing and flip from helicopters high in the a It's winter in Bayport, but things are heating up at the Morton family farm.

It looks like someone is wreaking havoc with the property, and Chet and Iola Morton are worried that their grandparents are in d Frank and Joe are thrilled to be taking part in the grand opening celebration of a new maze in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. By solving puzzles -- their specialty -- they could win a valuable prize! But once they Here today -- but where tomorrow? Frank and Joe have gone hunting -- but instead of sniffing out wildlife, they're out to find the Wilkersons. Darren Wilkerson, the Hardys' classmate, and his family were living in Bayport under the safety of the Wit Vette Smash, one of the hottest new rock bands in Bayport, is playing a gig -- and thanks to their friend Phil's backstage passes, Frank and Joe are in the center of the action!

But within minutes of The prime suspect is a notorious spy who has recently been spot A reality-based game show called Warehouse Rumble has come to Bayport, and Frank and Joe Hardy are hoping to be among the first contestants.

Hardy Boys Casefiles #96: Against All Odds - Book Review

But when someone finds a skeleton on the set, production comes to a screeching halt. The police in Portugal have asked Fenton Hardy to come help them solve a crime, and Frank and Joe are tagging along. Before they even get on the plane, they're given a mission of their own: Mrs. Rilke, a friend of the grandmother of one o They soon realize, though, that the competition Some of the local inhabitants a They will be working at the same stadium where the World Cup was held a few years ago! Intrigue has a way of finding the Hardys, though, and in a short time they become involved in a dan While lots of people are curious about the psychics, Frank and Joe Hardy are skeptical.

Is this psychic family for rea Attending an airshow to help out their friend Jamal Hawkins and his dad's air taxi service should be a nice break from the normal grind for Frank and Joe Hardy.

This series provides examples of:

But when one of the Hawkinses At Bayport High, Frank has left the football team to focus on a computer course, and Joe is trailing behind the team's newest star, Terry Golden. College recruiters are af Bayport citizens are wild about the Merchant Association's new Halloween mystery contest.

The prizes for winning include DVD players, a classic motorcycle, a boat, and even flying les Making it to the finish line of the high-endurance Fire Creek Mountain Race is going to be a real challenge for the Hardys. The five demanding events include downhill mountain biking, kaya A new statewide test has all the students at Bayport High on edge. Then Joe and his friend Tony find one of the tests in Tony's books bag. Joe knows Tony didn't steal it, but the as After Frank leaves the football team to spend more time working on a computer course, the newest star, Terry Golden, becomes the center of a new clique whose hazing rituals lead to the injury of the Hardy's friend, Biff Gaming has already caused too much hassling among the students.

But the Hardys' friend Chet is really upset when his confiscated deck is stolen from a teacher's locked desk. It's th While Frank and Joe are working with the animal wranglers for a movie about a man who escaped with a stolen treasure into the Great Smoky Mountains, mysterious events repeatedly strike the set, prompting the boys to investigate The finished project will be a center for refugee children. But word is that the local castle is h When newcomer and troublemaker Tom Gilliam helps them on a social studies project, the Hardys suspect that his father may be dealing in stolen goods, but when Tom disappears, they unearth a more deadly secret When a high school friend of Frank and Joe's aunt Gertrude comes into town to restart his career as an investigative reporter, Frank and Joe doubt Clayton Silver's innocence of past allegations and find themelves in danger The old mining town of Morgan's Quarry is the nearest place for help.