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Normally a very sensible and smart guy, your reason leaves you when you discuss climate.

And you show remarkable resistance to any suggestion that maybe this climate thingy might have been overblown. And yes, nuclear. That may be the company you keep. And I say this as somebody painfully mindful of my personal environmental impact, which is somewhere below average. Suffice it to say we should be accountable, cautious, realistic, detailed, under-promise and over-deliver.

Yeah well that has to include technologies that we actually have to replace fossil fuels. Battery technology has hit the brick wall of thermo dynamic laws, so forget about storing that wind and solar power, it is only supplemental. Nuclear is the ONLY answer right now and yet the same people who say they are serious about climate change utterly reject it. By doing so they indeed — as other have stated — are showing that they are not serous about climate change, just brow beating their opponents.

Credible GND backers I know all think that the specifics on it are flexible and conceptual only. That may be fine, but what I find nauseating is its conjoining with Identity Politics issues. Why does anybody have to come up with an alternative to a proposal that every democrat refused to vote for? And why not, since all it requires of them is to risk nothing, prove nothing, pay lip service to the fashionable, assume a pose, and do exactly nothing but repeat the credo of the virtuous on cue.

What I got out of it was that environmentalism is a cult complete with its own doomsday scenario and the messiah to lead the chosen to safety. I remember Greta Thunberg had a post, that nuclear power may be a solution, but was rapidly silenced by the radical green-lefts in europe. There is very little green and lots of state power in the GND.

After all, the future of the planet is at stake, we cannot allow dissenters to slow our collective response to solving global warming. We must therefore arrest the owners and take away their property. What happens if the building owners have guns and refuse court orders to vacate their buildings and report to prison?

We must therefore shoot and kill the owners and take away their property.

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After all, the future of the planet is at stake, we cannot allow backwards countries to thwart our collective response to solving global warming. We must therefore go to war and destroy their populations and infrastructure to eliminate their excessive emissions. The BIG E. Eloquently written with a perfect swansong.

What a great movie. What a great epic. When can we start shooting? The final apocalypse. Hard to make though, with just grass, tree and rock technology. Oh well…. I have emailed my senator, Sen Markey twice expressing the obvious ridiculousness of the GND and how thankful I was when it was voted down in the Senate. What amazes me the most here are the numb-nuts who think this is even viable. It is all pure fantasy, magical thinking that has zero ability of even working.

My favorite part is the federal jobs guarantee and Universal Health Care all in the context of de facto open borders. Sure, that will work.

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The Green New Deal is complete nonsense. Who is going to come up with the actual plans?

The garbage that idiot kid burped us tells us nothing about how you could retrofit every building in the US for energy efficiency in ten years or pay for it. The final bill would make Obamacare look like a short story. Its enraging this kind of stupidity is gaining any kind of traction in the United States. I believe she is suppose to be the vehicle to get this passed. Others are behind this illogical plan. Who the others are, I do not know off the top of my head, but there is no way AOC developed this nonsense. Look up the Justice Democrats, the organization that got her elected.

Whenever she wanders off her pre-written script, it becomes apparent that she is a deeply stupid and ignorant child. As usual, the Democratic party thinks money grows on trees. LR — as home owner you are clearly a member of the bourgeoisie, and you are therefore expected to refit your home at your own expense for the good of the proletariat.

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Failure to comply lead to a choice between enrollment in re-education camps where you will labor for the people while learning your proper role in society, or two 45 caliber slugs in the back of the head. In either case, your house will then belong to the state. Overly stupid retrofitting requirements would be just the sort of thing to send AOC back to Starbucks. The Ozies just showed what they think of overly zealous climate salvationists.

Can the government just let it slide? More charges, more force, and more lethal results. Surely everyone knows that laws are well, should be enforced and that there will be consequences for breaking them? But this is true of every law. What is categorically different about some Green law? One simply hopes that some sense will be applied. With older buildings you just take care not to hang a picture, and they leave you alone. If we could return to moderation and sanity then AOC would just evaporate.

I hate to say it but your hysteria is the equal and opposite force to the hysteria of the Greenies and like with magnetism, one generates the other. You should be able to see that. My extremism does not cancel or even resist your extremism, it makes it stronger. Thanks Don.

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What we have here is an arms race and arms races usually end badly. Joe B. Holy cow, forget asking for a great leader, I think America will thank their lucky stars for regular guy.

See a Problem?

Realistically, humanity is unlikely to be able to do much about climate change. The interesting question is: just how disastrous will climate change prove to be? Last summer saw my nephew and many others airlifted from a disastrous fire in the south-west wilderness, which along with hundreds of other fires destroyed large numbers of rare old trees. KC, the countries that count matter in this debate are China and India. My guess is that they will get serious about global climate change somewhere after They will probably favor geoengineering schemes to solve the problem.

Will this work?