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He has extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to online marketing and podcasting. Reading this book will help you drive even more traffic to your website and gain subscribers instead of simply visitors. Promoting Your Podcast will cover topics to help you get the best results from your podcast directories as well as help you to choose an eye-catching title with an effective description. Read here: Promoting Your Podcast. Looking for a bit of podcast training? Then this is the one for you. The book is based on the seminars written by industry experts such as Michael W. It covers planning, content creation, legal considerations, branding, marketing, advertising, monetization, and much more.

Each topic is based on practical experience and is easy to apply to your own podcast. Read here: The Business Podcasting Book. How To Start a Podcast is a guide by a producer of Casefile: True Crime Podcast — a show that started in a bedroom and became one of the most popular true-crime podcasts worldwide.

Author Mike Migas will discuss what it takes to produce a very popular podcast. You will be able to follow the step-by-step guide on how to come up with a good subject, select and set up your recording space, and choose the right host, artwork and social media platforms. Read here: How to Start a Podcast. Each chapter of The Business Podcasting Bible will cover a new topic with the use of a case study to help readers understand the topic. Topics range from podcast metrics to premium and sponsored podcast models to such nuts-and-bolts concerns on how to syndicate a podcast and what kind of equipment is necessary for setup.

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Read here: The Business Podcasting Bible. Would you like to turn your hobby of podcasting into your full-time job and get paid doing what you love? Then read this book and use one of the thirteen strategies they offer to generate revenue for your podcast. David Jackson the Author of this book started podcasting back in and has been helping podcasters launch their podcast. Each strategy has been used by other podcasters and has been proven to be successful.

FOR DUMMIES: The Podcast

Read here: More Podcast Money. More and more podcasters are trying to showcase uniqueness through podcast audio branding. This is a relatively new niche but more podcasters have been using it to establish their podcast brand.

She offers you a blueprint to help you get started with your own podcast branding. With tips and tricks on how to create and broadcast your own podcast, as well as how to use podcasting software. These questions include the classics such as What is podcasting? Why should I podcast?

How do I make money from podcasting? This is an easy-to-read book with no extra fluff, just the facts you want to know that will help you plot your own podcast strategies. Read here: Podcast Strategies. In this edition, you will learn about equipment, recording, editing, and publishing. Added with this book is a five-chapter companion video tutorial showing you actual screen shares and tricks to producing and publishing your podcast.

Personal Finance for Dummies, 5th Edition Of course you work for your money. The question is, does your money work for you? You know you owe it to yourself and your family to make the best possible fiscal decisions. So why aren't you managing your money better? Cutting through the jungle of statistic complexity, "Personal Finance For Dummies", shows you how to make easy work of your own finances, no matter what your income or experience level.

Greater return for your money, with less anxiety -- that's a bargin if we ever heard one. For an overview of the best providers of audio learning resources check out the full list of: LearnOutLoud. Thirty episodes later, I picked up this "Dummies" book to see if there were any holes in what I'd learned online and through experience.

This is a highly detailed book, covering beginner-to-intermediate knowledge for podcasting, from equipment to plann I launched my literary podcast, Classics Considered , about a year ago. This is a highly detailed book, covering beginner-to-intermediate knowledge for podcasting, from equipment to planning to monetization.

It even walks you through basic editing in Audacity using screenshots. For those who prefer reading a book over internet research, I think this could be useful, if you have the patience to wade through some of the details, which at times seemed to be a bit much for a "getting started" book. I feel this could be overwhelming for some who just wants to get started quickly and improve iteratively - which is the process I'd recommend.

While there wasn't much here that was new to me, the book did confirm some of the things I've been doing, which was reassuring. I also found a handful of suggestions which I'll be testing in my upcoming season. Disclaimer: my rating is based on having skim-read the book, not reading it cover-to-cover.

Public library copy.

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I took notes as I read this. I probably won't be able to start a podcast until I have an empty nest.

I can't imagine a better book explaining how to start up a podcast and what equipment and effort are required to make one. Sep 03, Jessie rated it it was amazing. This is the first book I have read on this topic so I have nothing to compare it with but they gave me a lot to think about.

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View all 4 comments. Set the foundation upon which I got into podcasting and launched my first podcast. Skip read.

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Usual "for dummies style". Jan 07, Marc rated it really liked it.

I must preface this by saying how much I hate the Dummies books. I hate the bright, ugly, yellow color; I hate how flimsy it is, and I hate the general layout of the book. That being said, I enjoyed this book. I wish I had gotten it earlier because things might have gone more smoother than they did. I blame my former co-host for that. Even though most technology books I must preface this by saying how much I hate the Dummies books. Even though most technology books are outdated within a few months to a year, this book is still current.

There are a few minor things but there's nothing out of place and that doesn't still apply. The best thing is if you already know about podcasting, you know that the writers words carry a lot of weight with their experience.

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You never feel like saying, "What does this guy know? If you're thinking about doing a podcast or already have one, read this book. There's also a bunch of short Podcasting for Dummies podcasts that you could listen to too.