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Lecture and exercise notes can be retrieved at Stud. Introduction 2. Fatigue loads and stresses 3. Structural behaviour under cyclic loads - Structural behaviour under constant amplitude loading - Influence factors on fatigue strength - Material behaviour under contant amplitude loading - Special aspects of welded joints - Structural behaviour under variable amplitude loading 4.

In the fatigue damage, there are additional uncertainties arising from the modeling of damage-mechanism.

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These uncertainties are due to experimental fatigue data and structural joint configurations. All these uncertainties can be classified into aleatory naturally inherent and epistemic due to lack of knowledge categories. The second part of the paper is devoted to a fast and efficient computation of fatigue reliability.

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This algorithm eliminates repetitive execution of spectral analysis procedure. It is performed only once for all reliability iterations.

ABS Fatigue Analysis of Offshore Structures -

In this technique, a suitable spectral formulation of the stress process is used and a new uncertainty parameter is introduced to represent most of uncertainties in the stress spectrum. A detailed modeling of the fatigue-related uncertainties is presented.

Fatigue and fracture - SINTEF

The failure function of the reliability analysis is expressed independently of the spectral analysis. The advanced FORM reliability method is used to calculate the reliability index and to identify important uncertainty parameters. The procedure is demonstrated by an example jacket structure and the results are compared with previously available ones.

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  7. This is required to avoid resonance which results in low estimated fatigue life of the structure. A challenge regarding the slender OWT structures is that the natural frequencies are close to the forcing frequencies.

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    This thesis is based on a project having OWT structures with the foundation consisting of a jacket design having a framework of four bays of cross braces. During a later stage of the project it was found by the substructure designer that the structure would have a low estimated fatigue life.

    Module: Fatigue Strength of Ships and Offshore Structures

    The cause being that the applied external forces on the structure are in the same frequency range as the natural frequency of particular cross braces in the jackets, in the range of 2 — 2. Consequently, due to resonance large brace excitation was found in the jacket model, created by the designer, which resulted in a low expected fatigue life. To mitigate this, double sided welds and external toe grinding were implemented.

    However no clear explanation regarding this issue was provided and not all parties involved obtained the same results and conclusions. Therefore further investigation regarding this theoretic fatigue issue was requested. The goal of this research is to identify and provide a clear explanation of the vibration amplification movement of the braces and thus independently assess if there is a fatigue problem with the OWT jackets.