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As with the Sopwith Camel of World War I, an effort was made to concentrate the maximum amount of weight as close to the center of gravity as possible, to improve maneuverability.


The first was its use. The second was its wide-track landing gear that conferred excellent takeoff and landing characteristics, an area in which the Bf was notoriously deficient. The Focke Wulf Fw was fast and maneuverable from the start, and packed a heavy armament package, consisting usually of four machine guns and two cannons.

Provision was made for carrying a bomb or a drop-tank under the fuselage centerline.

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It was structurally sound, with a cockpit positioned for an ideal center of gravity. The landing gear's wide track contributed to ease of takeoff and landing. Read more about the Focke Wulf Fw , and find specifications for this classic airplane, in the next section.

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Payment Methods accepted by seller. Stock Image. Published by Cerberus, Bristol, Condition: Near Fine Hardcover. I will take notes after every flight just to criticise my flight and see what I can do better to try and improve. You have to wear an oxygen mask which is hooked up to a ram air supply.

There is a lot of carbon monoxide that creeps into the cockpit because the exhaust stack is either side of the cockpit.

Focke-Wulf Fw 190: The Butcher Bird of WWII

That would have to be an uncontained fire or a flight control failure. Pretty much anything else where you are in control, you would ride it to the ground.

Mayr does acknowledge the Focke-Wulf, with its weight and high wing loading, has glide characteristics just slightly better than a falling brick. He says his favourite moment in owning the Focke-Wulf occurred at the recent Scone Airshow.

But on Sunday, the display was cancelled because of a strong crosswind. And then an elderly blind man started feeling around the parked aircraft.

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It turned out he was a fellow aficionado of German equipment and the Focke-Wulf was his favourite aircraft. He had lost his sight in his 20s. He was visualising it by feeling it. I described all the characteristics to him. He knew more about the aeroplane than I did I reckon.

Mayr says his short-term challenge is to master his Focke-Wulf but he has other plans involving German aircraft. First off he has to oversee final assembly then test fly his Fokker Dr. Mark Jessop. Between the wars, Germany was forbidden to have its own air force but saw a time when it would have an air force, for which it would need aircrew.

Glider training was conducted as a type of youth activity. Video on Youtube shows groups of strapping young Germans launching gliders by running downhill and towing the aircraft into the air on long ropes.

I would love to own one of them and in fact that is probably the next aircraft that I will buy. You can get modern replicas. This aircraft far surpassed anything on the allied side but it was too late and too few in number to make a difference. That is on my bucket list. This diminutive aircraft was blindingly fast, exceptionally dangerous for its pilots and mostly unsuccessful as a bomber interceptor.

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There are a number of examples in museums around the world, including the Australian War Memorial. None have flown under rocket power since the dying days of WW2 and none of the surviving examples can still fly. However, one was made in France as a glider and among those who have tried it out was Klaus Plasa. Building the aircraft as a glider would still be within the spirit of the concept as original Komets only had three and a half minutes of rocket power to get them to altitude, after which they glided home.

But I feel I need to fly a at some point in my life. I saw this aircraft the Illawarra airshow in and was floored. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Want to trial the Australian Aviation Print Magazine? Try it here. Latest News.