Manual Reflective practice for healthcare professionals: a practical guide

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What are the challenges associated with reflective practice?

It is an important process in continuous professional competency and development. Reflection is nothing to be scared of — we all reflect every day in different forms and about different things. Learning to be a reflective practitioner includes not only acquiring knowledge and skills, but also the ability to establish a link between theory and practice, providing a rationale for actions.

Reflective practice is the link between theory and practice and a powerful means of using theory to inform practice thus promoting evidence based practice Tsingos et al. Reflective practice remains a relatively unknown concept in paramedic practice compared to other healthcare professions such as nursing, where it has been embraced as an essential foundation of professional practice and continuous development.

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Paramedic associations and regulatory bodies worldwide suggest that all paramedics maintain a personal CPC portfolio, and a reflective journal or diary is an essential part of this portfolio. Quite a few? As I thought — so reflection on practice is not a new concept to Paramedics, but the formal application of it as part of professional development may be.

Putting these reflections down on paper and in a logical, structured manner is what proves difficult to many practitioners. The Gibbs Reflective Cycle is commonly used in nursing, and we also recommend this as an introductory process to paramedics and prehospital care providers, as it allows for a logical pathway for constructing reflective diary entries. Gibbs reflective cycle is seen as one of the easiest to follow and implement, and is therefore a good starting point for those beginning with reflective practice.

Once you are comfortable with the reflective process, you may decide to use another reflective cycle such as those by Kolbs, Johns, Brookfield, Rolfe or Ganshirt. Remember, reflection is a personal activity, and one model will not fill all — feel free to adapt cycles or processes to suit your individual needs. Sometimes, writing down the reflection is helpful in giving structure to your thoughts Price, Once you are comfortable with reflective practice, you will begin to focus on the evaluation, analysis and planning phases in more detail.

Understanding reflective practice

Your reflections will become more insightful, probing and detailed as opposed to a generalised narrative description commonly seen when beginning reflective diaries. Some authors refer to achievement of this level as critical reflection. A description of the call or incident, with relevant details.

Remember to maintain patient confidentiality. Nurses write remarkable stories when given a little guidance, a block of time, and some poems as prompts.

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  7. Now we have a roadmap for doing so. Keeping Reflection Fresh provides concrete methods for those seeking to embed reflective strategies more deeply into nursing education and practice. At Hunter College, where she co-founded a program in writing for health care professionals, she co-created an academic writing curriculum for undergraduate and graduate nursing students.

    A practical approach to promote reflective practice within nursing

    She has led workshops in poetry and narrative writing for interprofessional clinicians, clinical and humanities faculty, nurse managers, and cancer survivors and their siblings. Jacobson was the managing editor of the American Journal of Nursing for 10 years. Connect with:. Tuesday, September 24, Health , Narrative , Nursing.